Monday, February 18, 2008

eBay is like a cheap coke dealer!

So I'm this mini Transformers kick and have bidding on items on eBay. Metroplex here on the right is a knockoff of a 1986 Kabaya candy model. Basically Kabaya is a company in Japan that sells candy and these mini model kits are included, though some would say it was the other way around.

I bid on two of these kits. One to use as Metroplex (obviously!) and one to paint as Metrotitan, one of the few new Decepticon in the 1990 Transformers Zone series in Japan. Next is Fortress Maximus. He's a mini knockoff of the real two feet tall toy!

So why am I collecting all these mini Transformers? Well a few years ago I came up the idea to have a minis game similar to Heroclix. We started with the idea to use the old decoys that were released in 1987 with all small sized Transformers but once the Japanese Smallest Transformers were released we included that but made no progress, mostly due to life. Looking around eBay I found the Kabaya knockoffs and here we are, working on this minis game again.

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