Thursday, February 18, 2010

Star Wars Junkie

So here the latest batch of wins. As you can see I went kinda crazy on the Star Wars figures. But hey, this blog isn't called Confessions of a Plastic junkie for nothing! You have to admit the selection is rather interesting, mostly Jedi and aliens. Normally I'm not that in to Jedi but The Clone Wars series has passed the Jedi bug to me. It doesn't help that Clone Wars also featured unique Jedi like Foul Moudama and Robb Coron, which I picked up. That now Ben Kenobi is vastly superior to the Power of the Jedi I currently own. Gotta work on upgrading that muscle bound Lando...

I also want to build dioramas of Jabba's Palace and the cantina at  Mos Eisley, hence the aliens. Anyone else I just feel is cool enough to get, like Porkins or Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces!).

Biggs Porkins
CZ-4 Monk
Wampa Lak
Kyle Katarn Obi-Wan Kenobi
Oola Greedo
Jawa Rodian Band
T-1 Coron
Amanaman Omega Squad
Foul Kota
Yaddle More to come as I've been making trips to Toys R Us! :P