Friday, July 8, 2011

Foreign Friday #4

Lupin the 3rd here hails from the Lupin the 3rd Action Figure Collection from Banpresto and was released in 1998. There's 5 figures in the set and have your basic 5 points of articulation. Which puts them on par with vintage Kenner Star Wars figures. Of course Star Wars figures don't have the charm and sophistication that only Lupin can have! He comes with a Walther P-38, which for those who don't know, is the very same gun that Megatron from Transformers, transforms into! Unfortunately I seem to have lost/ misplaced the gun but it could be in the box with all the GI Joe weapons.

Anyways, Lupin here is pretty awesome and I wouldn't give him up, even if I was offered the very tempting Microman version.


Update: Thanks to Jboypacman, he reminded me that I wanted to post a pic of the whole line.