Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Box(es) of Surprises

Wow, not only did I get my box of Inhumanoids (yay!), but I got my 3 Microman Microforce figures (Thanks mail lady person!) and my Palisades Micronauts Red Falcon figures (Thanks UPS guy!)!

First we have Dr. Derek Bright, AKA Digger. He's pretty cool with his navy blue exo-suit and lime green excavation tools. A cool thing about Inhumanoids figures is that they have light piping in their heads or helmet so when light passes through the clear colored plastic, it looks like their eyes or visors are glowing. For a toyline that has it's heroes exploring beneath the earth I think that's a cool feature. I mean wouldn't you want to have some light when you're underground?

Next is Edward "The Fist" Agutter, AKA Auger (WTF is an auger?). Despite his pinkish-magenta suit, this guy is totally bad ASS! Yea he was a former boxer and "world renowned spelunker" with attitude. Watching the cartoon you'll realize though, cause there's only so much you can get from a file card on the packaging. Hasbro sure loved having file cards on all their boys toy lines in the 80's! Of course the cool thing about the file cards is that they get fairly technical on the suit and it's functions. I mean they tell you the weight and height of the suit the character is in to how much heat it can take. Now that's love! Thanks Hasbro!
Ah, Granok what better way to start collecting the Mutore race known as the Granite than to begin with their leader? Oddly for a race of rock people this toy is extremely light, probably because it's hollow inside. An interesting note about the construction of this figure is that its limbs are held in place by rubber joints(?) that are shaped like barbells. I wonder why this was done? Either way once again cool ass light piping gives off that glowing effect. Check it out!

Well that's it for now cause this has taken me longer than it probably should and I have homework to do, but as I sign off for tonight I'd like to introduce you to the newest members of my family, my turtles! I haven't actually named them but have the following names in mind: Katie, Caroline, Arcee, Elita-1, Larissa, No. 1, No. 2, No. 5 and No. 6. and no the last four "names" aren't references to The Kids Next Door, they just happen to be the number of turtles I've owned to date (5,6) or just numbering them. Either way they're female, which means that they'll be trouble! LOL

Good Tunes

I don't know why but I've forgotten that Daft Punk's Discovery album is really good. I'm not justing saying this because i like Interstella 5555, which I love, but with the exception of one, maybe two tracks max, i really like the songs. Only one other album in the world do I hold in such high regard. Guns N' Roses' - Appetite for Destruction. These two albums I would definitely have with me if I were stuck on deserted island.

people... -_-"

It's difficult to be in a class with someone you used to go out with... Can't wait to go home and pick up my Inhumanoids. :)