Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toy Street 2011

Wow, I've never had 8 hours go by so quickly for me!
Toy Street was pretty successful and it was great to meet people in the toy/ art community.
I won't bore you with many details, so on with the pics!

I'm gonna start with the table I was at, Toy Dungeon Studios. Our table was full of zipper pull/ keychains of our mascot character: The Dungeon Master. We also had a few prototypes that should be released soon.

Diagonally to our left was Jesse Destasio. I really like what he has but I generally find his items to be a bit pricey. Either way I HAD to walk away with Tankopula which is a collab with Onell and Tarantulas, and is Glyos compatible.
To our right was Eric (END) of Argonaut Resins and Selina Biggs (hiding on the right in a pink hat) AKA The Jelly Empire.
Selina's Jelly Bots are super cute and often try to recruit Stormtroopers to join the Jellatic Empire!

The Cookies 'N' Cream crew had a awesome display of Jumbo Machinder/ Shogun Warriors!

They also had a set of custom Sneaker Heads which were customized by END, Sucklord, Steve Talkowski and 2 others that I can't remember. I helped to make these so it was great to see something I helped with displayed.
The Mishka NYC table manned by Lamour Supreme, a very awesome artist. They had alot of Japanese kaiju vinyl like...

these kaiju by Gargamel.
The crew from Halfbad Toyz. Awesome guys who make...

And at the end of the night a bunch of us including Big Kev went out for a nice Japanese dinner.