Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feline Heroes stands

So if you loyal readers haven't seen the new Thundercats series, I highly suggest that you do! In my opinion it's WAY better than the original, and it's so much better that I've actually gone a bit out of my way to get as many of the toys as possible. At this moment, all I want is the Tower of Omens because I have just about everything else minus the 6" Panthro, Lion-O and the role-playing toys (sword of omens).

One problem I had, was that my Cheetara had warped legs from being packaged and all the hot water in the world couldn't warp it back. I tired. So what does a smart, individual like myself do? We make a stand! Pretty neat huh?

A project like this is not as easy as you may think but somewhere in those cracks of free time I had, I managed to craved this out. It came out SO well that I've made it my featured item in a new venture.

I've opened up a new web store "Cassette Man Studios" dedicated to toys. Either extra stuff I'm selling off or custom projects like this. So head over there is you're interested in stands for your 4" Thundercats!

Contest time!

The first person who can post in the comment section, what the reference to the name of the webstore "Cassette Man" is, gets a prize! What that prize is I'm not sure but it'll definitely be a toy!