Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great, just GREAT!! I got a set of Universal Studio Monsters figures from Burger King, put up the Gillman on eBay, grab Frankenstein and accidentally opened Gillman

Return of the... Star Wars?

So I got my Star Wars figures out of storage and I realized something. My Star Wars figures suck! And it's not because I have suck ass characters like Bossk (j/k Bossk fans), it's because with the exception of my vintage figures the bulk of them are from the 90's. I mean how cool can a super buff Lando Calrissian be? Not very very much in my opinion. I look at current SW figures and they are almost as articulate as GI Joes. But the T-hips are fine since Star Wars is not really about kicking the crap out of each other like GI Joe is. T-hips and torso joints aside (I'm not getting into that), Star Wars are just about on par w/ GI Joe. They have elbow and knee joints which something they never had until recently. Granted those elbow joint seem to switch between swivel and ball/hinge joints. The latter being my preferred choice. But I believe that this is due to Hasbro using older molds and/or flat-out re-issuing others molds.

So what does my mini rant mean? Well to begin with, it means that certain characters will be updated. Yeah, Lando I'm looking at you! It also means that I'll be collecting SW figures. Hunting the toy aisles for the latest and greatest SW I can get. It also means I'll have less $$$ in my pockets. So much for building a little cantina on Tatooine...