Friday, August 30, 2013

Flea Market Finds

Back in July I was helping my mom out at a local flea market were she was selling off old junk and for once, one of the tables had action figures. This is a rarity in my neighbor as most vendors usually have baby toys if at all.

So after diggin through TONS of Power Rangers toys, and there were ALOT, I managed to find these 3 little gems. These guys come from a STAR TOURS ride exclusive set that is/ was available at Disney parks. The vendor has all 5 five figures from the set but I only took this guys since the other 2 figures were a Chewbacca, which I have a better version of and Star Tours Officer who is just a red/ blue repaint of an Imperial officer. The other figures, which I bought are (from left to right) Ree Yees with a 3 lens camera, Kaink and Teek. Kaink And Teek were in the Ewok movies that came out in the 80's.