Thursday, February 28, 2008

When it rains it pours (plastic)!

Wow, been getting a bunch of deliveries lately!
I got some Microman Magneforce figures, an GI Joe Adventure Team Recondo (way, way better than the Sigma Six ver.!), My PSX Microman Generation 2000 video game, bootleg Kabaya Transformers Metroplex mini models and my favorite, so far, mini Fortress Maximus! Construction of Autobot City has begun!

Getting all this stuff has been overwhelming, thus the lack of homework being done. But fear not fellow junkies, the quarter is almost over and then I have a week off to have fun with my new toys! YAY! :)

Of course even that week will be about R&R, it'll also be about R&R, Repair and Restoration. I recently went to my friend claude's dad's house where I have a stash of GI Joes I was going to sell on eBay. Hmm... why didn't we go through with it before? Well anyway, in an effort to raise some money for this years BOTCON!! Hopefully my efforts are paid off w/ money for the show.

Anywho, here's some more pics from the previous group of additions to my plastic toy family.

Automaster Ryan and Groundmaster Alan

Divemaster Roberto and Red Falcon: Prince of the Micronauts

What's this? Red Falson is pissed!
Masterforce Micromen watch out!

Here comes Red Falcon as Ryan turns tail outta there!

"Freeze scumbag!"
"Who dares interrupt Red Falcon!?"

"EARTH CORPS bee-yotch!!"

Watch out here they come!
Micromen help them!


"Don't mess Earth Corps, @$$-ole!"
"Or Micromen! Sucka! BOO-YAH!"