Friday, September 24, 2010

Blood for the BARON!!!!

After getting the 2010 GI Joe Con Action Force attending exclusives, I figured I need a villain for them. So who better than the Baron himself?

Can't wait for him to show up in the mailbox!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pity the foo'!

This is a retro post which have been posted back in June but for various reasons I've been sitting on it. 

When Jazwares announced that they were making figures for the new A-Team movie I was pretty excited. I have the original 80's team from Galoob but they used tooling exactly like the 1982 G.I. Joes, no arm swivel and swivel neck. It didn't help that the sculpting was average and were made worse by have all of their lips painted red. Yes. The 80's A-Team figures wear lipstick! All kidding aside these new figures are pretty cool by today's standards.

Unlike the 80's figures these are sculpted really well. While they are not totally spot on with the likenesses of the actors they are done well enough to recognize who is who, and this isn't even for all the figures. The worst figure sculpt-wise is for Murdock and that's because his cheek bones seem rather high. But as I mentioned before the likenesses come really close. Even their clothes details are excellent. Murdock has pockets that have gravitas to them, Hannibal's shirt has folds, Face has suit has buttons and and even the folds and wrinkles in B.A.'s jeans, all little details which help to breath life into these characters. One other minor thing is that all their arms seem a little thin to me but I can work around that.

Now while the sculpting was terrific on these figures the painting is a crap shoot. I say this because the painting is either really good on the whole figure, partially good, or just non-existant. For example, Murdock is painted extremely well and what I believe is drybrushing, really helps to accentuate the details of his jacket and pants, but Hannibal is lacking any of this detailing from the waist down. And his shoes are even the same color as his legs. And to take it even further Face is pretty much naked as far as detailing with paint goes. Even BA has some excellent drybrushing on his jeans but his lacks any depth. Either way overall the painting is pretty good just sure to check the figure before you buy them. My score is a 7.

I'm not gonna say much else because the articulation is pretty standard compared to a Star Wars figure but also borrows swivel wrists from G.I. Joe and ball and socket joints from Marvel Universe. Overall, not bad.

I gotta say, I'm impressed that Jazwares made such excellent figures. Not to knock on them or anything but I've never really bought, let alone looked at (I think) any of their figures, so as a first time purchase of any of their products, I am impressed. I feel as if they put out quality product on par with Hasbro and really hope they put out more like this.

Saturday, September 4, 2010