Sunday, September 28, 2008

Everything new is old again(?)

So this little company out of Hong Kong named BEST TOYS has released a small set called TRANSFOR GO!! ENCO 05 06 KITS.Being called a "KIT" seems a little odd to me and has me torn between a "KIT" or a "TOY". Either way Transformers fanboy around the world knows this set as the "set" that gives heads to their G1 Ironhide and Ratchet.

I managed to snag this set of heads from bigbadtoystore for $17.99 plus shipping. As you can see in the pic above they come in a small box with G1 like styling. Once you open the box you'll find the 2 heads (1 for Ironhide, 1 for Ratchet) encased in 2 clear plastic cases.

Once placed on Ironhide by simply sliding the head on to the what would be the seat ion vehicle mode, Ironhide looks very close to his 1980's animated counterpart. Even though his face is literally flat, it looks great and almost like his animation model sheet. Not bad eh?

Unfortunately this set is not 100% perfect. First of all, even though they look like their respective animated selves their heads are flat in the back. Yes completely and utterly FLAT! Like someone cut off the back of their head and let the front to suffer the humiliation of not having a back. The other problem with this set is not really a problem of the heads but caused by the HEADS. Because of their true purpose as driven robots in the Diaclone line in Japan before they became Transformers, Ironhide was a power load of sorts. This means that without a head the arms are place proportionately, once the the head is added though, it looks like his arms are slumped.

Despite it all it's a beautiful set and highly recommend it. Oh, and for wondering about the Ratchet, all that I said applies, I just didn't have my Ratchet handy. But just to appease the Ratchet fans here's a pic of his head on Ironhide's body. Enjoy!