Friday, December 3, 2010

Tron Legacy - Sam Flynn review

So I final broke down and got a Tron Legacy figure. And I say this because since these figures started popping up about a month ago or so and I was intrigued but skeptical. Mostly because while I love the original movie, it's sequel had yet to prove itself to me. Once the new trailers gave us some more story about the film it was just a matter of finding it for right price as I've seen them priced as high as $11.49.

I never get lost in the dark!
The main feature of the Sam Flynn and most figures in the collection is the light up feature. This is done to emulate the look of the film. It's a neat feature and it's super bright. So bright as a matter of fact that it could be used as a mini flashlight. Seriously it can, I tried it myself. Unfortunately this feature uses 3 small watch batteries, so the figure loses its torso articulation.

The rest of the figure however, is fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet. If you're familiar with Mattel's DC Universe: Infinite Heroes line then you know how the figure is jointed together. Which is nice and well done but i prefer Hasbro's style of joints. Oddly these figures are made by Spinmaster, which amazes me that they landed such a property. You would think Disney would have their favorite toy makers Mattel make the Tron Legacy toys.

Can you see me?
Out of the 6 figures in the collection only 2 figures have and real scuplting to talk about. This stems from the fact that the other 4 figures are wearing helmets despite the fact that Clu, a character both films, is shown NOT wearing a helmet. I suspect that Spinmasters did this as to not spoil some of the mystery of the movie but astute fans would know what Clu looks like under the helmet. Either way, Sam has an okay face sculpt. It's hard to say much more because his face is partially obscured by the clear part of his helmet. I know this sounds weird but it's true.

Sam also has accessories. He comes with an identity disc, baton and stand. Not much to say here as they just make the figure complete but offer none to very little playability. It also doesn't help that the baton doesn't stay very well on the peg to place it on the figure and the ID disc has nowhere else to be held except Sam's hand. Pretty lackluster...

At the end of the day Sam is an okay figure with a nice light up feature. From what I've read on various message boards, I'm inclined to agree with the popular consensus and wait for the rest of the figures to go on clearance. Well except for the Light Cycle, because who DOESN'T want one, real or just a toy?