Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great, just GREAT!! I got a set of Universal Studio Monsters figures from Burger King, put up the Gillman on eBay, grab Frankenstein and accidentally opened Gillman

Return of the... Star Wars?

So I got my Star Wars figures out of storage and I realized something. My Star Wars figures suck! And it's not because I have suck ass characters like Bossk (j/k Bossk fans), it's because with the exception of my vintage figures the bulk of them are from the 90's. I mean how cool can a super buff Lando Calrissian be? Not very very much in my opinion. I look at current SW figures and they are almost as articulate as GI Joes. But the T-hips are fine since Star Wars is not really about kicking the crap out of each other like GI Joe is. T-hips and torso joints aside (I'm not getting into that), Star Wars are just about on par w/ GI Joe. They have elbow and knee joints which something they never had until recently. Granted those elbow joint seem to switch between swivel and ball/hinge joints. The latter being my preferred choice. But I believe that this is due to Hasbro using older molds and/or flat-out re-issuing others molds.

So what does my mini rant mean? Well to begin with, it means that certain characters will be updated. Yeah, Lando I'm looking at you! It also means that I'll be collecting SW figures. Hunting the toy aisles for the latest and greatest SW I can get. It also means I'll have less $$$ in my pockets. So much for building a little cantina on Tatooine...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Barack Obama

Found this after making a detour for pizza @ 2 Bros. @ Toy Tokyo. Who knew they made an 8" action figure of him?

eBay haul

Just thought I 'd share a few pics for my latest eBay hauls.

Terminator 3.75" figure are done really well despite the fact that any Hasbro 3.75"/1:18 scale figure is better. The sculpts aren't bad and they do have decent articulation.

Back on the Star Wars front, I picked up another droid from that was from some Hoth Battle Pack. I don't know, kinda don't care as he'll probably be hanging out with the Jawas I've amassed throughout the years. Gonna put them all in a diorama with a cut out Sandcrawler I found at Erikstormtrooper's Imperial Gallery.

Meanwhile back at Avenger mansion... I picked up the Wasp and Antman to round out my team of Avengers. Once the Secret Wars 2-pack with Thor comics out I can recreate the original team. Sorta. I just remembered that the armor that Iron Man had when they formed isn't out YET. But for now, I'm one step closer. hehehehehe....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

eBay haul

Just thought I 'd share a few pics for my latest eBay hauls.

Won a lot of Star Wars figures w/ a Snowspeeder. I haven't really collected Star Wars since the 1990's but I thought this would be a nice lot to pick up. Granted, I'm sure I have have the Ben Kenobi and pilot Luke but the Biggs (I believe) and female Jedi
are welcome addition to my collection.

The real gem of this lot is the Snowspeeder. I used to have one as a kid and it was the only vehicle I had for the longest. My aunt bought it for me as a birthday present and it was one of the coolest gift I'd ever gotten. Aside from the Millennium Falcon my mom bought me. :D It needs a few parts but since this Snowspeeder is a re-release of the vintage one I can cobble some old parts and give it
that cobbled together look.

I also got this nice little lot of Indiana Jones figures. Much like the Dukes down below I also wanted Indy figures as a kid too. During the holidays I managed to pick up 2 3-pk figures from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So that sated my thirst for Indy figures but the real gems of this lot are Short Round and the Monkey Man who ratted out Indy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

That's it for now. Some reviews of other items coming soon!

I don't care about the RPM car but that stuffed Soundwave?
SO COOL! Want one!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I know they're hicks and all but I always wanted this as a kid.
Hopefully I can win this on eBay.

Mega Blocks Gundam?!

Looking for some Indiana Jones figures I ran across this, a Mega Block Gundam set.
See tbhis is why I have a love/hate relationship with Japan. Awesome toys but they're SO EXPENSIVE! Some day, some day....

At least I got a 1:15 scale Priss w/ Motoslave from the original Bubblegum Crisis for on $40. The box was water damaged but who cares? I got PRISS!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the handful of people who read this blog.
Here's to a new year of new dreams aspirations and toys!