Saturday, February 20, 2010

These ARE the droids I was looking for!

So even though I hadn't posted these little guys as eBay wins, that's where I got these them. Oddly enough eBay was not the first time I encountered them. I recall seeing them at Target during the holidays and thought they were pretty cool because the last I had a radio controlled astromech unit was back in the 80's and R2-D2 was easily 4 times bigger than these guys. Either way, I believe I passed on because I was broke or just didn't want to get back into Star Wars at the moment. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing but I have two out of the four, so I'm happy. Especially since they ALMOST got sent back to the person I got these from. The people at my local post office are weird, don't ask. I just thanks the gods for delivery confirmation with tracking numbers.

So after a quick jaunt to the post office, I quickly opened these guys one by one with the giddiness of a child on Christmas morning and I have to say, they ROCK! They're the same scale as regular Star Wars figures but are slightly taller than any astromech because of their wheels. Well painted and come with a mini lightsaber shaped remote control. I would definitely recommend these droids. Very cool :D