Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hasbro, Star Wars 6" Black Series, Sandtrooper

BONUS POST since I missed Tuesday. Sorry guys!

Yup, I did it, I got a 6" figure. I know, know, you're probably say, "But Vic. you don't really collect 6" figures. You're a 3 3/4" guy. What happened?" I'll tell you what happened. It was 2 things, curiosity and everybody raving over it. Peer pressure in a way, but not really. Peer pressure is what convinced to get one after hemming and hawing. I mean, I was curious but I wanted to hear what everyone else had to say first and dammit, everyone was right, this figure is great!

Does this mean I'll become a hardcore 6" collector? Heck no! Besides this is STAR WARS and like most GEN Xers in their late 30's to early 40's, Star Wars is pretty influential in their geekly pursuits. Star Wars is one of the exceptions of why I would cross the 3 3/4" barrier. That said, super cool figure, if you could find one and definitely worth getting!