Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Iron Man... what will we do you with you?

Yes it's time for a review and today's pick is none other than Iron Man himself, but this is no ordinary Iron Man, this is the Iron Man of 2020! I really don't know much about him so I'll just post the blurb for the back of his card.

Arno Stark isn't quite the hero his cousin was, but he does his best - as long as the best is what pays. The world of 2020 is less about right and wrong, and more about the bottom line, which is why IRON MAN always works for the highest bidder. Of course, he's also got to answer to his Board, so he tries to keep his eye on the big picture.If a mission won't enhance Stark Industries' stock price, then he almost always regretfully declines.

Huh... interesting... Tony's cousin from the future, and he's kinda a jerk? Well this figure has potential as a villain! This notion is even mentioned in standard HAMMER file, so character-wise he's worth it.

Is the rest of figure worth it? Depends. Let take a look.

Iron Man 2020 is one cog away from being steampunk!

2020's body uses the classic body as a base so it's upper torso is sculpted with it "pecks" too high. Luckily this covered by 2020's extra armor which adds a slighter bigger repulsor and some wicked cog-like shoulder armor. There's also a new belt which covers up the low place crotch armor. What where thinking when this was sculpted Hasbro? Either way this belt also adds heft and replaces the hip discs with some kind of star and a cog. Arno sure loves his cogs!

The last new piece to this figure is it's head. While at a glance it looks like the like the original, it's not. It is a completely new head. The head is bigger and has a jagged mouth that gives it a ferocious look.

The rest is the same as the original Iron Man but with the new additions I think it a figure worth getting but not necessarily on the top of the list. Besides it's an Iron Man so this one will probably be clogging the shelves well after the holidays.