Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all my friends and family!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I <3 Conway! Found Terminator: Salvation figures for $3.99!

Monday, November 30, 2009


So, next on this project is the coffee table.
Same supplies as before.
Actually this is so simple, just cut and paste.

I'm so lazy, lol!

Friday, October 2, 2009

And then there was... foamcore!?!

So if you didn't know, I've finally graduated from college and started an awesome internship at Marvel.
But now that I have that and my part-time job tutoring @ school, I've ended up with free time in the evening.
So what do I do? I decide to recreate the apartment from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!
Yeah that apartment!

Yeah I know, I'm crazy but hey, other than collecting action figures, what else am I gonna do?
Besides it's fun to do research and learn how to do things like using a hot glue gun.
Another plus is that I 've got somewhere else to put all my awesome Marvel Universe figures other than Castle Grayskull.
Which looks a little out of place when you have characters like the Hulk just hanging out.
(Oh, just got another idea for another diorama! tee hee...)

So after acquiring episodes of the show and making screen caps I gathered enough information to make a floor plan.
After some more research I found a really awesome website for making dioramas: niubniubs universe.
This site is really useful as far as what and how to use the tools and materials required to make dios.

So I got some foamcore which is pretty cheap and decided to start with the couch.
I had some measurements done, but they were kinda off so I ended up kinda winging it.

You're going to need the following:

1 Glue stick - I use Elmers but any brand will do.

1 Foamcore - I get usually get a 20" x 30" piece which is more than enough for a couch. 3/16" is a good thickness.

1 metal ruler - to cut straight lines and make measurements. I recommend the type WITHOUT any cork on the bottom as this will give you a straighter cut than a ruler with cork. If you have one with cork, do yourself a favor and turn it upside down, so when you cut the foamcore the cork is facing you.

1 Hot glue gun and w/ glue sticks - You'll need this to hold together the foamcore pieces. I recommend you use the high heat setting if you have a gun with varying temperatures. If the glue is very hot it will be easier to fix any misalignment when placing your pieces together.

1 Hobby of X-Acto knife - You'll need a very sharp blade to cut the foamcore cleanly. It helps to have a few extra blades when you cut the foamboard and it starts fraying.


First thing I did was cut the armrests for the couch. The foamcore I bought is 3/16" thick, so I cut 4 pieces and glued 2 pieces together with my glue stick.

Next I cut 2 strips of foamcore 6"W x 1 1/4"H. These will be the bottom half and seat of the couch. Glue them together from the back with your glue gun.

Next you'll want to glue the back in.Make sure you place the glue either on the edge of the piece that is the back or on the corner where the the 2 pieces meet.

Cut another piece of foamcore 6"W x 2"H. Make a line every 2" across so you know where to cut when cutting out the division of the back cushions. Glue and place you cushions, which are made from 2 pieces of foamcore glued together like the armrests, measuring 1" x 1.5" x 6/16".

And there you have it, a couch built for 3 3/4" figures. Spidey and friends say hi!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where have all the hero... no, villains gone?

Seriously where have they gone? I have a nice little collection of Marvel Universe figures but the line and my collection is lacking in villains. Currently my collections stands at a count of 14 figures (17 if I include the X-Men: Origins - Wolverine figures) and I only have 2 villains (3 if I count Deadpool). And of course I'm sure you're thinking as you read this "Why don't you just buy more villains?” And my reply is this, " I would if I could, but I can't so I won't" Actually that's not 100% accurate. I could buy more villains, just not from the MU line. Even with the 1/2 dozen figure I'm still waiting for in the mail from eBay (Hate them! Not! <3) But wait, there's more! Even with the army builder 3-pack, Secret Wars (SW) 2-pack and XMO: W line you only get 3 to 5 villains (yet again it depends on how you cast some of the figures). Quite honestly I have no idea what is going on and for that matter, who to point a finger at. I mean is it Hasbro's fault or Marvel's? I don't know, but quite possibly it could be both of their fault. Maybe it's Marvel's fault because either they don't give any input towards the line, therefore letting Hasbro doing what they want OR perhaps Marvel is telling Hasbro what to do and they're just like, "Okay...” My logic in the latter is that Hasbro has many, many, many years of experience in selling toys. After all I AM LOYAL to the company as a toy manufacturer. Most of my favorite lines to collect were or are made by them. But I digress; I don't think this the case, as Marvel does not have as much experience in this matter. I think it's Hasbro calling the shots a far as who goes in the line and who doesn't. A perfect example of this is Iron Man and Spider-Man. I love those guys but if I bought every Spider-Man that came out from the line I'd have like 5 of them. Seriously. There is one from wave 01, black costume, wave 5 black and red outfit, one from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends 3-pack (God, I loved that show!), and ANOTHER black costume from the Secret Wars 2-pack. Ugh For the record I only have 1 1/2. I just got the 3-pack Spidey, black costume should be on its way in the mail and I'll be getting another black costume one w/ Magneto in the SW 2-pack. And don't get me started on Iron Man. Granted, he has an excuse, he upgrades often and I plan on getting them all. I'm gonna build a Hall of Armors (yay! :D) Back to the point, Hasbro is out to make money. Don't misunderstand when I say this, because I'm not trying to say they're greedy bums or anything but they are a COMPANY. It's kinda of the point with them, besides putting out quality toys for children (or the child within :D) to enjoy. Spider-Man and Iron Man are big money makers. They may have Marvel and whatever other movie companies make tons of moolah, so why shouldn't Hasbro. I think don't blame them. But here's my point to this whole rant, if you have HEROES you MUST have VILLAINS. The situation as it stands is more like a gang rape when it comes to the amount of villains. Because you can argue that Marvel's villains are such that you DO need a group of heroes to defeat ONE villain and his machinations but I honestly don't think that children play patterns are like that. If they have one villain they only need one hero to defeat that villain. I think Hasbro shot itself in the foot. And I say only in the foot because fortunately the line is selling well. But Hasbro if you are reading this a little piece of advice from me, which I'm quoting myself because I said this on a message board @

"Just a crazy idea but wouldn't it be nice if they made some Skrulls or more Skrull heroes/villains? For instance a Skrull Spider-Woman or who else was a Skrull during Secret Invasion. That way we could have some more villains in the line. I mean I just got a SHS Venom to supplement my villains’ gallery, which brings my count up to 3 villains, 4 if you want to count the gray Hulk, versus 8 or 9 heroes. Good thing I found my 84' Secret Wars Dr. Doom."

Of course this is in reference to the upcoming Gigantic Battles subset that has a Giant-Man Skrull. But like I said, it's a good thing I found my 84' SW Dr. Doom.
Hey Hasbro here's a thought: Doombots to supplement the good old doc that's soon to be released in Secret Wars.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A small update...

It's been awhile since I posted anything but I've been busy with school and my "other" activities (mostly getting more toys). Botcon came and went and it was AMAZING. Granted I've done Botcons before but this show was great, especially since my friend Rob was there in California. Boy I did get a lot of things there. I literally had a bag full of Transformers on the plane going back home.

BTW for those that don't know, this is an off year for me collecting-wise. I really don't buy TF movie toys. It's not that I don't like the movies, it's just that the toys don't really appeal to me for some reason. Perhaps it's the fact that it's not the same experience as watching the ILM animated characters. IDK. But what ever the case may be, Hasbro is lucky.
Why do you ask?
The reason is simple and can be summed up in two words:

Marvel Universe

FINALLY someone, Hasbro in this case, has since I was old enough to love G.I. Joe and superheroes I've ALWAYS wanted my favorite heroes in the same scale as G.I. Joes. FOr the record I LOVE the 3 3/4" or 1/18 scale size. I feel as it's a magical size. Think about it this way, they're big enough to fit your pocket or bag and vehicles/playsets are feasible at that size. Who could ask for more? It doesn't hurt that Hasbro is the king at working at this scale. They have 25 years of experience and possibly more since they also work on Star Wars, which also at this scale.

So yeah, Marvel Universe or MU. Their first year has been in my opinion, a very good start. Granted some of their body types and limbs are not so great. YEAH, Punisher and all your mold buddies, I'm talking to YOU! Seriously, the Punisher mold was kinda disappointing after I acquired some more figures like Daredevil and The Human Torch. While the sculpting is very well done Punisher's articulation is not as desirable. He has NO joint in the torso, no bicep swivel, terrible positioned hands and no double jointed knees which Daredevil and Human Torch do. For a company that has churned out millions of G.I. Joes, you would think they would give the Punisher better hands. But no, they give the hands of 70 year old arthritic person. Though Punisher has one thing that DD and HT don't have, a hip joint. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher can move his body from side to side at the WAIST! Though overall, between having a waist joint or not but with a lot more articulation, I'd pick not. While Punisher has this joint it's not deal breaker for me. If I had to give him a grade I'd give him a C+. After all he does have swivel knees and elbows.

Wow that was a lot.

Anywho, MU is good and seems to be getting better if the pictures from the San Diego Comic Con are any indication. In the meanwhile enjoy these pics for SOME of my latest acquisitions.

UPDATE: Pulled out my Ratchet from stasis lock and gave him is new head.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009: the year I get broker

2009 is shaping up to be a costly year it seems. With Botcon being in California (expensive plane tickets) and AWESOME fan made kits like the Optimus Prime trailer pictured here to the side made by Best Toys, makers of the Ironhide/Ratchet heads reviewed here, it seems all of my money will be gone. It's a good thing I'm managing my money fairly well.

Hopefully I'll pick this up at the Botcon instead of having to order this and the Shadow Commander set. It'd be really nice if you can connect the 2 trailers together. *fanboy squeal*