Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hasbro, COPS- Bulletproof

Ah... COPS. One of the few lines that I go outside the 3 3/4"- 1:18 scale. Not alot toylines centered around a police force and this one came on to the scene with a bang. No, really, it's literally came on to the scene with a bang because of it's cap firing features. Those were the good ole' days when toy guns looked like guns and a not afraid of them in the sense that a kid would be scared witless because someone else brought one to school. I actually read about that in a news article.

Anyhow, getting away from the politics of guns and gun control. B.P. Vess aka Bulletproof here is the leader of the Central Organization of Police Specialists or C.O.P.S. As a kid I really liked this show and due to the lows in Joe and Transformer collecting, I've managed to pick up a few here and there. Expect more COPS figures in the future. :)

It's crime fighting time!