Friday, June 3, 2011

Foreign Friday #1

Being an anime fan I also collect toys from movies and TV shows I like. So in these features I'll showcase toys from the land of the rising sun.

Today's figure is from the Banpresto's Tatsunoko Action Figure line.
This line had characters from various Tatsunoko Production animations including:

Gatchaman! Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, only Ken the Eagle was made in to a figure.


  1. Takara did a Microman-style version of him, too I believe.

  2. Gatchaman! My boyhood favorite(Battle of the Planets). I need one of these figures so i shall keep my eyes peeled for one. : )

  3. You're absolutely correct Iok. Unfortunately I missed out on him when it came out and he demands a rather hefty price.

    Jboy there's on eBay but he's $25. The plus is that it comes with a SD Red Impulse!

  4. Thanks for the tip on this Victor i will look into it also did you get to ship out that package yet? Want my wife to keep a eye out for it thanks again. : )