Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers Tuesday #2



  1. I keep thinking i should pick him up when i run across him at the store. How do you like him compared to some of the other more recent TF figures?

  2. I like him ALOT! Almost to the point that I don't care that I never got the Titanium version, and the Titanium version is pretty cool. I definitely suggest getting him. If you have Galvatron and Cyclonus they'll all look great together.

    Overall I think Hasbro is doing a great updating classic characters for us older fans, despite a few flaws in some of the figures (Wreck- Gar's lack of a neck) and distribution problems.

  3. I have Cyclonus(He came with Rodimus in a two pack)and i have not seen Galavtron before. So i shall keep on a look out for him and heard that Warpath and Power Dive are supposed to be pretty nice too.