Thursday, October 17, 2013

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

The Jacob Javitz Center where NYCC is held every year.
So as you can tell I ended up being busier than I thought, hence the lack of updates. Fortunately for you, my loyal followers, that means that I've got a reserve of toys in reserve to fawn over. But since NY Comic- Con was this past weekend I thought I'd share with you photos of some cool and interesting things that I saw. More after the jump. Enjoy!
The Bah'glenn Creations/ Cassette Man Studios setup at the Onell Design table

Giant sized vinyl Callgrim from RawShark Studios.
This was a big as the old giant sized Ninja Turtles figures.

Peter Kato's latest offerings. Very cool!

Bandai's latest offering for Power Rangers

I'm really digging these 4" figures.

I don't remember which line this 4" Flash is from but I thought it was cool.
Maybe a Batman line?

Super cool multi-pack from the Batman line.
Love that Clayface!

From the DC Multiverse line, Batman: Arkham Origins 4" figures.
If you haven't played any of the Arkham games do yourself a favor and play them.
They're really good and feature Kevin Conroy as Batman!

More 4" Batman Arkham Origins figures including Bane and Deadshot.

Wave 2 of the DC Multiverse line includes movie figures including the Michael Keaton Batman!

Danny DeVito Penguin and Michele Pfeiffer Catwoman!

And last but not least,
Christopher Reeves Superman and
Terrance Stamp General Zod!

While this isn't everything that was at NYCC, they're certainly highlights as to what was shown and I for one can not wait for what is to come for 2014!


  1. Am playing on getting me one of those 1998 Batman movie figures for sure!

  2. Me too. Actually most of the pics I took were of things I want. 2014 is gonna be expensive! lol