Thursday, July 7, 2011

Then & Now #1

With the revamps and remakes of pop culture TV shows and movies a number of toys/ action figures are also being made. This series of posts will showcase some of these toys.

Today's action figures are from the A-Team! Galoob made the figures in the 80's and are on par with G.I. Joes from 1982/ 83, articulation-wise, but the sculpting is isn't as well done as Joe's. Another issue witht the Galoob figures that they usually look like they're wearing lipstick or have a goofy look on there face. Not very manly for ex-soldiers on the run.

Obviously the Galoob figures are on the right and the newer Jazwares on the left. I've reviewed the newer figures before so if you want to read that go here.

Hope you enjoyed that, more to come!


  1. I like this ideal for a blog feature am looking forward to seeing more of these. : )

  2. Thanks guys, glad you like it! I'll do my best to do more like this but some of my older stuff is in storage, but I have a few sets of figs for the next few weeks. Actually I just got some ideas... Thanks again for the comments!